Production Control Assistant Manager – Rawang (Ref ID: 11499)

5 Days Work
Basic Salary
RM5,800 - 6,200
Selangor, Rawang
Working Hours
Monday - Friday 8.30am - 6pm

Chinese, English
Job Description

・Assist Managing Director in production control and material control.
・To fully optimize utilization of available resources in achieving the company vision and objectives and to continually improve on the operation overall efficiency.
・Establish, implement and maintain Company Management System and ensuring that it complies with ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 as a minimum and promoting of awareness of customer requirements, throughout the company.
・To maintain management system based on ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and to continually improve on integrated management system to achieve quality products and services for continually improvement.
・Externally liaising with statutory and regulatory agencies in the matters related to product.
・Responsibilities for production efficiency and effectiveness control.
・To improve and control productivity for all sections.
・Provide on the job training for all workers working for the organization or on its behalf.
・All other job responsibilities as stated in Management Manual and Procedures as well as responsibilities.
・Ensure non-use management of hazardous substances during operation.
・Responsibility in corrective and preventive action taking in non-conformance products.
・Always follow and support to any instruction or company regulation from time to time.
・To respond and follow all instruction during any emergency situation.
・Able to carry out the environmental aspect and impact studies from the daily duty activities involved.
・Always ensure that process objectives and targets is achieved from time to time.
・Leadership to lead production workers to higher level in control productivity and displinary.


・Diploma & above
・3 years working experience in related field
・Leadership and Independent in production planning.
・Good communication skills and willing to work on flexible time.
・Preferable candidate stay in Rawang, Kepong or Sungai Buluh area. (Not more than 45min distance)
・Most important is to lead people and willing to learn and think for improvement.
・Able to communicate well in Mandarin & English

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Production Control Assistant Manager – Rawang (Ref ID: 11499)





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