Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
eeevo recruit(Agensi Pekerjaan eeevo recruit Sdn Bhd. Hereinafter referred to as the Company)shall handle personal information in accordance with below stated privacy policy.
1. Definition of Personal Information
“Personal Information” shall be information on individuals, which identifies a specific individual by name, date of birth or other description included in information and easily collated with other information. It means that you may identify specific individual by doing so.
2. Collection of Personal Information
The Company may collect your personal information when you make an inquiry. In collecting, it depends on lawful and fair means clearly describing purpose of use. The type of personal information collected by our company shall be the information necessary for using our service, such as name, address, telephone number.
3. The Purpose of Use of Personal Information
When offer the said services, The Company shall obtain and use personal information within the following purposes of use in a fair manner:
A. Provide information or services relating employment placement, job search/career change.
B. Distribute or send email magazine/newsletters.
C. Check on the current status after completing your move and hearing your views/requirements in order to improve our services.
D. Contact the companies regarding the current status during or after the period of services, or receive notifications from companies.
E. Modify or analyze information in order to post on the website or other media Service Development and Marketing.
F. Advice or suggestion in order for companies to draft recruitment schedule.
G. Deal with inquiries, consultations, compliments, and dispute resolution.
H. Distribute and display advertisement/contents based on attribute, device, location information and action history, and provide the said services.
4. Provide Information to Third Parties
In order to provide the said services, the Company shall provide information to companies where we made an agreement with regarding handling personal information after we examine their requirement and the current status. In addition, we shall provide personal information via sending/submitting documents. In the event that the Company provides your personal information to companies, we shall use your personal information in order to check your current status after you entered the company, or advise/suggest companies’ recruitment plan.
5. Safety Management of Personal Information
The Company shall keep from customers takes rational, organizational, physical, human, technical measures by the service provider company, and at this site, by handling appropriate according to relevant laws and ordinances. The Company shall endeavor to prevent danger such as unauthorized intrusion of data, loss of personal information, tampering, leakage.
6. Correction and Deletion of Personal Information
In the event of the correction / deletion of your personal information, please contact us via below-mentioned email address.
7. Inquiries
Please email us at (
※ Inquiries will be acceptable via email only.
We will respond to inquiries within our business hours (9am – 5:30pm *except Weekends and Public Holiday), or the next business day (except weekends and Public Holidays),
8. Change of Privacy Policy
In this site, when we change personal information, change the purpose of use, or change other privacy policy, we shall make it public on change to this page.


eeevo recruitは、マレーシア就職/転職/求人はもちろん、マレーシアから日本へのUターン就職/転職/求人もサポートいたします。 マレーシアの事情に精通した日本人、日本の事情に精通したマレーシア人のキャリアコンサルタントが、求職者の方が希望されるキャリアパスやこれまでの経歴に合う職種、ポジションの求人情報をご提案します。 マレーシア国内での就職/転職/求人情報はもちろん、マレーシアで大学を卒業された新卒の方、マレーシアでキャリアアップして日本にUターン転職を希望されている方への求人情報提供、コンサルティングも行って おります。




マレーシア就職やマレーシアでの生活に役立つようなコラムを随時更新しています。現地の生活や物価、オフィスで働く様子が分かるようなコラムなので、「マレーシアで働きたいけど、現地での生活がちょっと不 安」という方はぜひご覧ください。