PLC Technician – Bangi (Ref ID: 11808)

Shift Work
Basic Salary
RM1,700 - 3,500
Selangor, Hulu Langat
Working Hours
Monday - Friday 7am - 7pm (2shift)
Job Description

・Formulate a plan, review and analyze preventive maintenance strategy for the equipment instrumentation related to Electrical, electronic and software in order to achieve highest efficiency of the activities for reliable and safe operation.
・Taking accountability on PLC control panel specification/design, Vision system maintenance and industrial robot maintenance.
・Responsible to support the running of the plant by operating the state of the art, high-technology, fully automated machines specifically on PLC, Electrical control panel, Vision system and industrial robot.
・Provide technical advice during troubleshooting and corrective action of instrument breakdown or failures to find the root cause and best solution in order to restore the functionality back to normal.
・Attend to technical query by operation personnel and provide advice/solution according to best engineering practice to address issues which affect the operation.
・Might need to work on shift model, either days or nights and weekends to ensure continuous running of the machines for output maximization.
・Responsible to resolve minor/major breakdowns and deliver autonomous maintenance, drive improvement in the manufacturing plant in terms of technical downtimes, scraps, quality and performance.
・Monitor spare parts and inventory for critical instrumentation to ensure availability when required in order to minimize production interruption. Establish new inventory/cataloging where necessary. Update information in the inventory to ensure it is relevant for the current operation.
・Identify, study, propose, and implement area for improvement (project) in the field of instrumentation engineering to enhance operation and improve total equipment reliability.
・Responsible to contact and obtain support from machine suppliers whenever necessary during their shift.
・Develop the plan, scope and lead the execution of shutdown works for instrumentation to ensure completion within the specified window.


・ Diploma & above in Electronics/Electrical or Mechatronics Engineering will be preferred.
・ At lest 2 years of related working experience with knowledge and skills in PLC programming/ in Object-oriented programming
・ Hands on experience in PLC
・ Get ready to work OT during Weekends.

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PLC Technician – Bangi (Ref ID: 11808)





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