Partnership Management Manager/Director – KL (Ref ID: 12076)

5 Days Work
IT / Telecommunication
Basic Salary
RM7,000 - 13,000
Kuala Lumpur
Working Hours
Monday - Friday 9:30am - 6:30pm
Job Description

・Identify growth opportunities and potential threats by analyzing the market from the perspective of advertisers, competitors, customers, and digital marketing trends.
・Set team targets, strategies, and action plans aligned with the company’s direction and communicate them effectively to ensure efficient execution.
・Monitor progress and performance closely, identify areas for improvement, and make modifications to plans to ensure targets are achieved.
・Manage relationships with affiliate partners and help grow revenue and affiliate marketing activity.
・Assign targets and responsibilities to team members, providing training and support to contribute to team goals optimally.
・Assess staffing needs for the team, propose new hires, and participate in the hiring process, including CV screening and job interviews.
・Master and utilize work tools and train team members on the efficient use of Microsoft/Google Office, internal database systems, publisher dashboards, BITOOLS, and team collaboration tools.
・Stay up to date with the latest affiliate marketing trends.
・Provide a motivating work environment by offering career path opportunities and mentoring to promote a high level of job satisfaction and commitment among team members.
・Keep affiliates informed with the latest campaign updates and news.
・Actively manage and serve publisher accounts personally.
・Contribute to the overall performance of the team, ensuring top-notch service delivery to partners.


・Diploma above
・Possess Digital Marketing background
・At least 8 years of experience in the relevant industry.
・At least 3 years of experience of team management experience.
・Has B2B customer service experience
・Knowledge of tools and software such as Microsoft/Google Office, internal database systems, publisher dashboards, BITOOLS, and team collaboration tools
・Understanding of digital marketing trends and best practices to stay ahead of the competition and effectively serve clients.
・Strong analytical skills, ability to analyze market trends, competitors and customer behavior to make informed strategic decisions.
・Leadership and management skills, ability to lead, manage and motivate a team towards achieving their goals and objectives.
・Problem solving skills, ability to identify issues, analyze them and develop effective solutions to overcome challenges.
・Excellent written and verbal communication skills
・Time management and organizational skills, ability to prioritize tasks, manage time effectively and ensure projects are completed on time.
・Ability to build strong relationships with team members, partners and other stakeholders to foster a positive and collaborative work environment.
・Ability to make informed decisions quickly and confidently, based on available data and insights.

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Partnership Management Manager/Director – KL (Ref ID: 12076)





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