Production Planner – Shah Alam (Ref ID: 12224)

5 Days Work
Basic Salary
RM4,000 - 5,000
Shah Alam
Working Hours
Monday - Friday 8am - 5:30pm
Chinese, English
Job Description

・Responsible for production planning & scheduling, implementing, monitoring, and reviewing of the production progress in orders to meet customer requirement and production efficiency.
・SM Machine capacity planning and manpower planning. Manpower control under respective section GLs / TLs.
・Co-ordinate with section TLs for regular stock check and annual stocktaking – Compile of Inventories summary.
・Produce of monthly production report. (Monthly basis)
・Monthly Production results review – Monthly Production Meeting.
・Responsible updating production planning related ISO document and SOP.
・Ensure all production activities are compiles to company ISO requirement.
・Ensure all ISO related documents are updated. All records and reports are proper filling and kept for require retention period.
・Participant in internal or external related quality and environmental audits.
・Ensure proper scheduling of all running model in SM department and monitor closely online output and react fast to customer requirement are met.
・Update delivery status and delivery report. Co-ordinate with sales department on products required for customer and delivery according to plan requirement in orders to do planning and forecast with sufficient quantity.
・Liaise with section TLs for updating Daily production status.
・To monitor, follow up and fine turning daily production output to match schedule and fulfil internal and external customer requirement.
・Follow up online quality and should have constant review with QA personnel.
・Maximum utilization of manpower, machine, and material.
・Promote company rules and regulations.
・Promote and portray a good and healthy image of the company.
・To assist training and production development program


・Degree in Operation Management, Business Management, Supply Chain Management, or a related discipline.
・Preferred 3-5 years working experience in production planning, scheduling, or relevant roles.
・Proficiency in Microsoft Excel
・Able to communicate well in Mandarin & English

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Production Planner – Shah Alam (Ref ID: 12224)





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